Colorado Energy Coalition Gets Chris Hansen on Board

Published Date : Feb 19, 2015

Director of Energy Insight for IHS Inc. a global market intelligence firm based in Douglas Country. Hansen will assume the responsibility of the position left vacant by Senior Manager of Communications and Public Affairs for Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Inc of Westminster, Mr. Lee Boughey. 

Hansen is slated to serve a two years term as co-chair of Colorado Energy Coalition. He will share his responsibilities with John Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer of Enserca LLC. On the event of the formal announcement of the transfer of responsibilities, Chris Hansen states that the CEC will encompass and will be responsible for all aspects pertaining to the energy value chain. This will include entities from producers of upstream fossil fuel to wind and solar companies. 

Hansen further mentioned in the statement that if Colorado is eyeing for long term economic feasibility, then it has to spearhead coherent strategies to ensure coordination between different segments of energy sector so that they could work in unison. Hansen said that his efforts will be streamlined to contribute to every important aspect of the Coalition at the same time focusing on laying down the foundation for balanced energy success.

The Coalition has members who hail from different sectors of the economy such as government, industry, law, education, finance, and economic. The coalition will aim to form a supportive and encouraging business climate in Colorado across all sectors operating within the energy industry such as clean tech, fossil fuels, energy conservation, and energy efficiency.