Clean Energy Finds Foothold in Stock Market

Published Date : Feb 19, 2015

In December last year, SolarCity, a company who finances installation of rooftop solar power system across household and business sector issued bonds worth US$200 million. The bond is available in the stock market as investments for common man who has a bank account and at least US$1,000 for investment. The short-term bonds issued by the company is projected to yield more than 2%, while investors who are likely to keep their money for seven years might enjoy at least 7% return on their investments. The decision to release bonds is viewed as a path-breaking step taken by the company. 

Energy has emerged as a serious challenge for the world. The United States policy-makers have been working relentlessly to help the country withdraw itself from the dependence of the Middle East OPEC oil oligopoly. In the wake of making the country more energy efficient, new technologies were introduced for the production fossil fuels, and one has to say that the country has registered tremendous progress in the same in recent years. The US policymakers were happy that they have attained an important position in the world oil market and now they could even influence the global oil and gas prices. However, the country has not shied away from accepting that it was imperative to focus more on alternative sources of energy only to reduce the usage of environmentally damaging fossil fuel. 

The United States has taken crucial steps to shift their focus from the use of fossil fuels to from clean form of energy generated from wind, solar, nuclear, and hydro energy. Renewable technologies are introduced in their market in order to dissuade the overwhelming usage of oil for the purpose of generating energy. However, there is much scope for improvement and growth of the technologies to generate energy from alternative sources of energy.