Rolls Royce to Manufacture a High End Luxury SUV

Published Date : Feb 20, 2015

Rolls Royce, in its major project for diversification will be manufacturing an ultra luxury SUV. According to Torsten Mueller Oetvoes, CEO of Rolls Royce, the luxury sedans manufacturing company will be manufacturing cars that offer the Rolls Royce experience in an automobile that can run on each and every type of terrain. In a recent statement, the CEO also stated that this car which is high bodied will boast of tough aluminum architecture. 

This decision of manufacturing such a vehicle was taken by Rolls Royce after elaborate decisions with its clients. The production of this automobile will take place in Rolls Royce’s Goodwood facility located in England. And it will finally be launched in the market after three years. The CEO had in fact, dropped a hint sometime in January this year about introducing such an SUV. The exclusive range of vehicles makes Rolls Royce, what it is today. The starting price of a typical Rolls Royce vehicle is 200,000 Euros. A major cause of concern for the company has been the fact that whether or not it should manufacture such an SUV, since the company wants to prevent stretching the brand way too far. 

According to an automotive analyst, one of the best products that Rolls Royce can think of developing is an SUV. Also, the salability of SUVs seems quite favorable in the United States as well as in the other emerging economies wherein infrastructure is still quite weak and underdeveloped. Such a step being taken by the company will prove to be a major factor for growth. The popularity of SUVs has mainly been observed in emerging economies such as India, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, and China wherein the SUVs have been designed based on the principle of high ground clearance.