Royal Enfield Sales Surpasses Harley Davidson

Published Date : Feb 20, 2015

The world’s most popular class of motorcycles, Harley Davidson lost its number one ranking to Royal Enfield, which is an Indian motorcycles brand and is lesser known in the global market for motorcycles. The manufacturer of Royal Enfield aims at dominating the global market for midsized motorcycles in the long run. Eicher Motors, India’s bus manufacturer, owns Royal Enfield. Also, Royal Enfield happens to be India’s oldest motorcycles manufacturer. In 1901 it was launched in the U.K. wherein its production came to a halt by 1970. However, its production soared in India, and till date it happens to be a popular brand of motorcycles here. 

Royal Enfield has a thriving market in India. In 2014, the number of units sold by the company exceeded 300,000 as against Harley Davidson who reported a total sale of 267,999. Furthermore, American motorcycles are way more expensive when compared to Indian motorcycles. The most inexpensive American motorcycle is two times more the selling price of the top end motorcycle of Royal Enfield. However, in 2013 the number of motorcycles that Harley Davidson sold was 100,000 more than the number of motorcycles sold by Royal Enfield. 

In 2014, the total record income earned by Royal Enfield was worth US$482 million. The company also disclosed its plans of manufacturing 450,000 motorcycles in 2015. It also plans on investing US$80 million in two of its factories and also establishing technology centers. This would be despite the fact that the demand for Royal Enfield’s “Bullet” is constantly on the rise. Those who wish to purchase a motorcycle of Royal Enfield need to wait for about a year.