Turkey Refuses to Integrate New Missile Defense System with NATO’s

Published Date : Feb 20, 2015

Turkey has been conducting certain negotiations with a company in China. The Defense Minister added that the bid assessment had been completed successfully and there was no new official that had been received in the tender. The country also says it will not integrate the long-range missile defense system into the NATO system. 

All this was awarded in 2013 to the China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp. 

Turkey is contemplating about its final decision on the defense system as well as the ongoing contract talks with China, told an official to Reuters. 

Further talks with an expert of the foreign policy and security said that the firm’s offer was among the top in the tender list of 2013. The firm plans to crack a great deal of technology to Turkey as most of the missile production would be conducted in the country. Turkey might also have to turn to China owing to the increasing stress of piling disagreements with the West and also in the future for many defense contracts to come.  

The economic relations with the EU and the US are not very healthy as compared to the previous year. Turkey’s certain economic turbulences and latest amendments have led the region to the isolation in the international zone. This decision can be seen as a response to the West. 

The Prime Minister announced in a statement that the winner was the long-range defense system that bid around $1 billion as compared to the $4 billion contract. It also won the transfer of technology and joint production of missiles award in Turkey. The country plans to stage four defense systems from the Chinese company. 

Turkey is allowed to pursue more bidders as the deadline has been extended a few times in the past. The country also extends its talks with France regarding the defense systems. 

In recent statements, the Defense Minister indicates Turkey plans to go ahead with the Chinese tender.