Israel Accused of Inappropriate Leaks on Iran Nuclear Program Talks says the U.S.

Published Date : Feb 20, 2015

The Israeli officials had disqualified US negotiations on the nuclear program set by the Iran, said The White House on Wednesday. They criticized it as a continuous practice leaking information out of context.

The president of the U.S. administration is alert of the terrible need to maintain the negotiations in private. The White House also accused the Israel of distorting the American position. There was no doubt that the things that the Israelis have said about the negotiating position are not accurate. Earnest reported that there is no question about that.     

Jen Psaki spoke to the reporters on Wednesday, that selective sharing of information was accused. However, they were declined to say what type of information had been picked. 

Hence, it is said that not everything heard from the Israeli government should be considered or is accurate in terms of the details of the talks, added Jen.

The negotiations between many regions have attained a crucial stage. The countries have agreed to deliver a basic agreement by the end of next month and a final agreement by June 30.  

Earnest refuses to discuss details of the US-Israeli consultations on Iran nuclear negotiations. 

However, Jen Psaki said that the U.S. is extremely mindful of the need to refuse to negotiate in public. The U.S. also ensures that the information that is to be discussed in the negotiating room should not be taken out of context or revealed in a way that ruffles the negotiating position of the country and its allies.