Metals, Inorganic & Organic Compounds, Graphene, CNT to be the Functional Materials for Future Electronics

Published Date : Feb 20, 2015

The chemistry of the novel electrics and electronics is a key to its opportunities in future, whether it is edible, invisible, biodegradable, tightly roll-able, deploying the memristor logic of the human mind or having any other former- impossible capacity in a developed device. De-risking that material growth is fundamental yet the information on which to base has been unavailable.

The metals copper, aluminum,  and silver are widely employed, sometimes in mildly precursor, alloyed, ink, nano, or other form. Those seeking premium priced opportunities, low volume, can learn of other wide opportunities. The element silicon has a novel and very different place beyond the silicon chip. The tailoring of a chosen, broadly-applicable chemical can allow premium costing and barriers to entry based on strong new intellectual property.

37 families are identified of novel and rapidly-evolving electric and electronic device, straddling nano to very big devices. Most chemical and material organizations want to de-risk their investment by determining common formulations across this new business that has a potential of over US$50 billion for them.