A new Phone Designed to Serve Especially the Disabled

Published Date : Feb 23, 2015

A new innovative smartphone can also be easily used by people with disabilities who cannot use their hands. An Israel-based company has developed one such smartphone that essentially targets people with disabilities. The smartphone features hands-free operations and functions by keeping track of the users’ head movements. The proprietary head-tracking technology used in the phone is not one of its kinds, it has been featured in some earlier smartphones produced by Samsung, but this is a much effective usage of the feature.

Reports state that Sesame Enable, the Israeli company, has developed the smartphone based on Android operating systems, to be effectively used for people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and other conditions that impair the use of hands.

The developer of this smartphone is Giora Livne, himself a quadriplegic. He is planning to give away such hands-free phones to 30 people with disabilities. These people will be selected by their peers to avail the free smartphone.

It is being said that the smartphone comes equipped with a highly advanced computer vision algorithm that works with the front-facing camera of the smartphone. The camera helps in tracking the movements of the user’s head and allows them to control a cursor on the screen. The cursor basically works as a virtual finger that helps the user in doing things that other normal users can do with a regular smartphone.

Giora Liven stated that he got inspiration behind the conceptualization of this device from a TV demonstration of a game that was controlled by head movements of the user. The phone is named Sesame Enable and comes at a price of US$1,000 dollars. The phone has also won a prize money of 1 million dollars by winning the Verizon Powerful Answers' Award.