Flex Technologies to Move into the Business of Programmable Chip Technologies

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

Flex Logic Technologies, one of Silicon Valley’s startups has recently declared that it has entered the business arena of retailing of new programmable chip technologies to the manufacturers of hardware. It is believed that the group has come up with field programmable gate arrays that apart from being inexpensive are way more amendable, and can easily be added to the existing systems. 

For quite a few years, the software and hardware aspects were supported by  a rather rigid standard, since before being firmly set hardware were designed in a very generic fashion. That was followed by chips that were provided with the ability to carry out a few tasks. That was all that there was to it. The next step would be the creation of software that was run on the foundation that was created earlier. However, this conventional design strategy exhibits a certain drawback – hardware updates generally tend to be quite expensive apart from being to elaborate and lengthy. 

Geoff Tate, the CEO of Flex Logic has expressed that the engineers working in his company have developed newer and improved ways of creating and developing field programmable gate arrays, which gradually pave the way for application in several specialized areas. In most of the cases, field programmable gate arrays tend to be identical as against the conventional and traditional microprocessors. This mainly pertains to the ways in which these function and operate. The only point of difference is the fact that these can be programmed. The sole reason that field programmable gate arrays are not present in the microprocessors of computers and phones is because apart from being expensive they consume a lot of energy.