Russia to Supply Surface to Surface Advanced Missiles to Iran

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

Iran has been offered advanced surface to surface missiles by Russia after it did away with a deal similar to this back in 2010. This was because the UN placed sanctions of the nuclear program of Tehran. Such deals generally don’t go down very well with Washington since majority of the western economies aim at keeping the pressures high on Iran with regard to acquiring a comprehensive deal with respect to its nuclear activities. 

Sergei Chemezov, Rostec Corporation’s head official stated that Moscow had agreed on supplying Antey-2500 missiles. These missiles are basically the improved versions of the S-300 system of air defense that had earlier featured in the previous contract. However, as per Chemezov, the decision has not yet been finalized. In 2007, Moscow had signed a contract that involved the delivery of S-300 missiles to the government of Iran and it was valued at US$800 million. However, Moscow, Israel and the U.S. criticized this deal immensely and eventually this deal was rejected since it was in breach of the sanctions of the United States of America. 

As per a 2010 resolution of the UN, then transfer, sale, or for that matter the supply of missile systems and missiles are strictly prohibited. According to Chemezov, the Antey-2500 missiles are the modernized version of S-300. The S-300 is no longer manufactured by the Russian government. As per historical reports, in 2013, similar surface to air missiles were delivered to Venezuela. Russia has managed to strengthen the coalition with Iran because of the sanctions of the western world with regard to the conflict that is taking place in Ukraine. An agreement of military cooperation was signed between Russia and Iran which was the result of the constant intervention of the U.S.