Defense Deal Signed between the UAE and Ukraine for Further Military Cooperation

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine has declared a deal that involves an unspecified technical and military cooperation with the UAE. And these negotiations are taking place between the U.S. and several unspecified countries of Europe. This deal points out to the fact that Ukraine not only seeks but is also trying to come across several partners in the defense industry beyond the region since the country is currently witnessing political disharmony created by separatists backed by Russia in the eastern part of Ukraine. 

Poroshenko in the meantime hopes that the discussion it had with the United States will lead to an agreement that would enable Ukraine to defend and protect itself from external aggression. The president also had plans of meeting Frank Kendall, the chief Pentagon purchaser of weapons. He also made it clear that the main rationale behind enhancing Ukraine’s defense capabilities is to defend the territory of this country, and to maintain its sovereignty and independence. 

Ukraine’s defense minister also stated that the country will be dedicating US$3 billion towards fighting against the pro-Russian rebels. This fund includes US$110 million that will be directed towards purchasing weapons abroad. Several Ukrainian companies have signed numerous contracts which are worth millions of dollars. One of the main aims behind this funding has been the modernization of the defense forces. A South African company also signed a similar deal in order to further enhance and develop the military helicopter Mi-24. As per sources, this company will enter into a business deal with a Ukrainian company wherein both these entities would exchange their technologies.