Instagram Promises Travel Brands Much More than Other Platforms

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

A few years ago big hotel brands and destination marketeers took to tweeting and blogging to promote their enterprises. However, that did not earn them as such return on investment as they hoped for due to SEO setbacks and failed viral hashtags. After all that they have tried with not much to boast about, travel brands are now embracing Instagram and the promise it shows.

The pretty filters, celebrity users, and the incessant need for people to post pictures of everything picturesque is proving to be more lucrative for travel brands than their earlier efforts. The sharing and branding on Instagram is like to help social media managers garner all the traffic from smartphones and in-market with visuals that will hopefully go viral.

Travel brands are looking at promoting much more than just destinations and hotels. The items on the list that will lure in more customers are family pictures, fashion, sports, food, and design. More than content, visuals are likely to speak volumes.
Back in 2010 Instagram was floodd with creative community that had both, amateur and professional photographers. The application offered a unique solution for smartphone users with high resolution cameras to share their visuals experiences. In a span of two years the application was taken over by Facebook and has grown exponentially with a wide user base. Around the same time 

At the same time Foster Huntington, Cole Rise, and Pei Ketron garnered a huge following and attention. However, agencies such as Tinker, Niche, and Stay & Wander volunteered to represent content generators.