NexTravel To Make Corporate Travel Easy

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

NexTravel is all set to make booking travel for work purposes easy for both employees and employers. It intends to create a platform that will have better search results for flights and hotels, along with an a way of tracking and managing costs. 

Though regular users have simple online interfaces to book their travel plans, the corporate travel needs are still unmet. Employees still have to wade through cumbersome travel booking sites, talk to travel agents, and go through even more obsolete processes to book and confirm their travel tickets and hotels.
The case in even worse for small to medium sized businesses which do not have a dedicated travel agent or a platform. This means that the employees have to do all the groundwork, and the managers have to say in the costs or to track the expenses. 

With its new plan, NexTravel intends to provide a relief to such harassed employees and employers who have grown used to convenience of consumer platforms. The enterprise also hopes to devise a method for allowing managers to track the affordable cost for corporate travel to maintain budgets. All in all the new solution aims to provide a consolidated place for booking that is fast and definitely far more cost-effective. 

Wen-Wen, co-founder of the company stated that they wanted to make booking travel tickets easy for everyone. The aim is to reduce the time taken for booking from 80 minutes to just about 20 to 30 minutes. The site will also allow employees to create profiles that will have their travel preferences. This way a regular traveler will also be able to earn loyalty points, search for lights, rental cars, and hotels in one go.