Pfizer Resumes Staff Cuts During Reorganization

Published Date : Feb 25, 2015

Pfizer has reportedly resumed trimming its research and development staff. Dean Mastrojohn, Pfizer spokesperson, recently responded to a query about the same, saying that staff cuts are being carried out. He did not comment on the number of jobs that are being cut.

Pfizer said that the company has been reducing staff numbers in an attempt to readjust its R&D group to better match its pipeline focus. Pfizer also said that it will hire new employees for gene therapy and immuno-oncology. These are the two major fields where the company has recently made deals in.

The company’s spokesperson said in a statement that the Research and Development organization of Pfizer make periodic adjustments to its staffing pool in order to adhere to the changing priorities in the portfolio and the need for the correct mix of talents to procure those priorities. Consequently, the company will be making reductions in the staff accordingly in particular R&D areas. The company will then proceed to reallocate the headcount to other sectors that are currently growing.

The staff cuts in Pfizer follow one of the largest changes in the pharma industry, while the company created a pool of billions of dollars from its research budget.

Pfizer had previously stated that its reorganization had been completed two years ago, which has made many experts question their moves on making major changes now.

The company’s R&D Chief Mikael Dolsten said that there is a strategic funding that has been committed for particular therapeutic areas that will allow them to gain critical mass, after which they will move resources as they see fit towards their more successful projects.