Eiffel Tower Goes Green with the Installation of Next Gen Wind Turbines

Published Date : Feb 26, 2015

The Eiffel Tower has made almost three decades without any major upgrades. However, after almost 30 years, the French iconic tower has undergone a rather contemporary transformation. Complete with solar panels and LED lighting, the tower now showcases the next gen addition of two customized wind turbines - VisionAIR5. The turbines together showcase a capacity of producing not less than 10,000 kilowatts of energy per year. One can say that Eiffel tower has essentially gone vert. 

The wind turbines are designed by Urban Green Energy (UGE), a leading renewable energy company from New York. The turbines will produce enough energy to power the commercial first floor of the Eiffel tower that is visited by more than 7 million visitors every year. But unlike most of the recent additions to the tower including the majestic light shows, these turbines are as subtle as possible. It is located almost 400 feet above the ground. These turbines are painted in a way that camouflages them with the iron structure and make almost no sound at all. 

Nevertheless, one should not understate the performance of the turbines. They have a powerful axis that can harness urban wind almost from any direction, claimed by UGE. 

Nick Blitterseyk, CEO of UGE stated in a press release that the company was proud that their advanced technology was chose by Eiffel Tower to deliver their commitment of a more sustainable future. When visitors from around the world visiting Eiffel Tower will see and appreciate the futuristic design of the wind turbine, it will take them a step closer to campaign for a world powered by renewable and clean energy.