Apple, Google, and Other Leading Global Companies Bet on Green Energy

Published Date : Feb 26, 2015

While the world populace is standing on the verge of carrying their phone charger around for the foreseeable future, Apple has yet again sought an exemplary approach to transform its own energy supplies. The tech giant, recently announced that the company has committed itself to a US$850 million agreement, which permits them to buy continuous solar power from a solar power plant at California, with no intermediaries involved in the process. 

For Apple, benefits are quite apparent. The company is eyeing to capitalize from the optimum utilization of the green and reliable supply of electricity from the 25 years contract, and that too at a very secure price. The benefits are apparent for the global future as well, since Apple’s decision confirms that economic opportunities, climate solutions, and green energy can converge. 

This is a major step taken by Apple, yet the company is not viewing it as a “green gift” to the world. The investment on solar energy is viewed as a good business prospect by Apple that will bring significant savings to their kitty, as said by the Apple CEO, Tim Cook.  

This largest green deal propagated by one of the biggest companies in the world is a symbolic example signifying that it is possible by private sector businesses to drive the world towards clean energy investment. Apart from Apple, Google, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other biggies in private sector have come forward to proactively invest on developing a secured renewable energy infrastructure. For instance, Google last year signed a 400MW deal for renewable wind energy that brought its wind energy commitment to 1GW that could generate enough energy to power an equivalent of 750,000 homes. Microsoft also signed a deal confirming 285MW of wind energy in the last two years.