Business Services among Least Secure Online Sectors

Published Date : Feb 26, 2015

Computer security firm FireEye has come up with an analysis that will surely give some top dogs in the business services sector quite a few sleepless nights. Mandiant, one of the many divisions of cyber security giant FireEye, has revealed that business services were among the most hacked and intruded fields on the web in 2014. Online retail gives business services company at the top of the list. These two operations experienced the highest number of online intrusions in the last year. Shockingly, it took eight years of continuous hacking for one business to realize they were the target of a cyber crime. FireEye recently came under the public eye for keeping an eye on malware distribution by pro-Assad supporters of the Syrian government.

According to the FireEye report, retail sites experienced a rise of 10% in malicious intrusions or engagements from the previous year, making a dreaded jump from 4% to 14%. Business services also saw a similar rise in the rate of harmful intrusions, along with government and healthcare organizations.

Even though the hacking of Sony Entertainment became quite notorious over the last year and is still a topic of conversation in entertainment and media circles, the number of cyber threats to media and entertainment services experienced a 5% drop towards safety, falling from 13% to 8%.

Security scandals for companies like Target have made online retail customers slightly more aware of the potential risks of online retail shopping, but the continued lack of emphasis on two-factor authentication means that any one user credential can potentially unlock the gate to the entire network. This is in spite of the fact that online retail users have managed to segment their machines from each other.