Jobs in manufacturing and construction to plunge in 10 years

Published Date : Feb 26, 2015

Automation has also drawn debate, talk, and flak around it. While a few argue that automation will lead to a huge loss of employment, there is another set that believes that it can lead to creation of new jobs that will replace the old one. A school of thought believes that automation will not be such a bad thing after all. According to this sect loss of employment in the manufacturing and construction sector would mean robots are doing the job. Eventually this would boil down to less amount of work for the workers.

However, analysts believe that all scenarios have to be considered about the future automation might bring with it, instead of just those that are convenient to be believed in. A report published by Boston Consulting Group stated that the automated robots are likely to replace the manufacturing and construction worker jobs in the coming ten years. This would mean that the industry will witness an influx of about 1.2 million new robots. The factor supporting to this is obvious: the dropping prices of running these machines will make them a replace human labor. In 2014 an OSH store in San Jose was the first to acquire an automated customer service robot. These robots can scan items and help customers in the store with their shopping.