The U.S. Cyber Infrastructure Lags Behind Adversaries – NSA Chief

Published Date : Feb 24, 2015

Mr. Mike Rogers, the director of the national security agency, on Monday tried to pacify a chorus of worries about the plans of the government to keep hold of a built-in access to data that was held by US technology organization, stating such kind of backdoors would not be damaging to privacy, would not lethally compromise encryption, and would not damage the international markets for United States’ technology products.

Rogers increased a highly structured defense of evolving cyber security strategy of the government of Mr. Barack Obama in an appearance in front of the audience of tech organization security officers, cryptographers, and national security reporters in Washington at the New America Foundation. In a one hour-long Q&A session, Mr. Rogers stated that a cyber-attack by North Korea against Sony pictures in the previous year explained the importance and complexity of protection against potential cyber threats.

Mr. Mike Rogers also stated that if the people watch the topology of that cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment from North Korea, it literally sprung up across the world before it went to California

For most of the appearance, although, Rogers was on the defensive mode, at pains to make clear how technological or legal protections could be employed to make sure that government access to the information and data of US technology organization would not result in abuse by intelligence agencies.