Vehicle technology bill to Enhance Security Gains Backers

Published Date : Feb 24, 2015

Support is developing for legislation sponsored by a couple of congresswomen of Michigan, which would permit road funding to be utilized to pay for technology that could enhance highway safety. United States Rep. Candice Miller from R-Harrison Township is the key sponsor of the bill that would approve the use of present surface transportation capital for vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

That technology, which permits for the wireless exchange of safety and operational data collected by vehicles and sensors on roadway infrastructure, is intended to help avoid crashes. U.S. Rep. Brenda Lawrence, D-Southfield, is co-sponsor of the legislation. Today, Miller's office said the nation's largest van pool provider, vRide, endorsed the legislation, saying it helps clarify the eligibility of vehicle-to-infrastructure projects within federal highway programs.

On Monday, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America a group which includes automakers, transportation and planning agencies, research organizations and academic institutions voiced its support for the legislation as well, saying so-called "V2I" technology represents the future of road safety.

The legislation, which has been referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, which Miller serves on, would provide a formal definition for V2I technology under the Highway Code and make clear that states may use road funding under several federal programs to invest in V2I projects that improve road safety.