MRR Analysis Blog_Elon Musk considers move to Mars despite 'good chance of death'

Published Date : Nov 26, 2018

Elon Musk, the famous CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, says that there could be 70% shot of him getting to Mars in one of his shuttles, The Independent revealed Monday. He likewise inferred that such a move may be perpetual.

Musk reasserted that an outing to Mars with his organization would be likely be evaluated at "two or three hundred thousand dollars," which is surely an extreme amount of money for a regular individual yet moderately low for space travel.

Today, the US pays $81 million for each seat in Russian Soyuz shuttle — the primary choice of getting people into space right now.

Notwithstanding, Musk, said that making a trip to Mars would turn into an alternative for the super-rich of the Earth.

In spite of strong goals, Musk's fantasy for space travel may need to pause, since NASA has supposedly started a health audit of his SpaceX organization after an infamous episode, amid which Musk smoked weed and drank bourbon amid a digital recording show prior this year.

Prior in September, Musk achieved a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to venture down as Tesla's administrator after he shot a tweet recommending he was wanting to take the organization private.

Musk’s erratic behavior on social media this past year has also led to a fluctuation in the prices of his company shares, fuelling a large storm online.