Facebook Seeks Truce with Global Telecos on Web-for-all-push

Published Date : Mar 03, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg made several attempts to reach out to several billions of users with their attempt of offering service with no Internet access.

An annual gathering at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, led the founder to make peace with the mobile telecoms industry to bring the Internet to the world. 

This event proved to be a turnabout from last year as the Facebook founder showed up after purchasing free communications service WhatsApp for $19.2 billion. WhatsApp is a challenge to the traditional telecos face as well as the loss of profits from texts and phone calls.
Zuckerberg’s comments came in amid a growing resentful debate about the cable firms and telecom complain Silicon Valley leaders such as Google Inc and Facebook offering Web services on the huge investments made in mobile and fixed-line networks.

Moreover, regulators in Europe and the United States are seeking for measures such as to create new balance between both the industries and introduce open Internet rules. 

Facebook helped set up Internet.org with mobile devices industry. It makes basic internet services available to the world’s population who are not connected yet. The company’s efforts to draw more carriers will pay off too. 

In addition, leading executives Telenor and Bharti Airtel Ltd of the two big operators in Africa and Asia were studying the joint effort too. Jon Baksaas, the chief executive as well as the head of the global trade association of operators at Telenor is planning to work with Internet.org while being cautious of Facebook’s impact on his industry. Jon added that he is aware of Facebook being more reliable in the industry among the operator concerns, thereby ensuring that they are not 100 percent there, but are finding consensus.