Vistara Airlines to Begin its Airline Services from Coming April

Published Date : Mar 03, 2015

New Delhi is aiming to launch more effective and traffic packed airports in the country. The Vistara - Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture carrier has declared new plans to launch their services from next month onwards.

This will be from Guwahati and Bagdogra in the Northeast of India. Starting from the national capital of the country, the launch of the air services will mainly enter the southern part of India. 

Vistara is currently operating across five domestic airports such as Mumbai, Goa, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad – all operating as high-density traffic airports in the country.

News released on Tuesday said that Vistara will be operating daily services from April 2. It will make a short stop over at Guwahati airport and then will proceed to Bagdogra. The airline expressed that Bagdogra is a gateway airport to many tourist destinations situated in the Northeast of the country. 

The introduction of this route is to promote regional connectivity and the airline is happy to do so.  
Vistara initially launched its services on January 9, 2015 with New Delhi as its base. The airline has A320 planes and 51 percent market shares on the Tata Group with Singapore Airlines. It also plans to fly international.  

However, the present regulations in the country only permit those domestic carriers to fly abroad that have completed five years of successful local operations with a fleet of 20 aircraft. This has been imposed by the government under the overseas operations policy on mandatory operations on remote and regional routes. 

Vistara certainly wants the government to do away with these norms but the renowned players are opposing on the grounds that domestic connectivity might suffer if the rules were abolished.