Prez. Obama Criticizes China’s Strategies for New Technology Regulations

Published Date : Mar 03, 2015

On Monday, Mar. 02, 2015, the U.S President Mr. Barack Obama harshly criticized the plans of China for new regulations on the U.S. tech firms, asking Beijing to change the policy if it wishes to do business with the U.S. He told that he had raised this issue and discussed it with the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping.

In an interview, President Obama stated that he was concerned about the strategies that Beijing had for a far-reaching law to counter terrorism that would need technology enterprises to entrust encryption keys, the pass codes, which assist in protecting data, and deploy security backdoors in their systems to provide the Chinese authorities the access to the surveillance. This is something that they have raised directly with President Xi, President Obama stated. They have made it very clear to them that this issue is something they are going to have to modify if they are going to have commercial relations with the United States.

The government of China sees the regulations as critical to protect the state and trade secrets. Western firms say they support increasingly burdensome terms of doing trade in the second-largest economy of the world and heighten doubt over cyber security between Beijing and Washington.

A parliamentary body in China read a second draft of the first anti-terrorism law of the country the previous week and is likely to approve the legislation in near future. The first draft, published late last year by the National People's Congress, needs firms to also keep user data and servers within China, provide law enforcement authorities with communications records and censor terrorism associated Internet content.