Automated Technology to Propel Airport Passenger Expenditure

Published Date : Mar 03, 2015

Capital investments in automated technology by airlines and airports that assist passengers in checking-in, dropping in their luggage, and passing through security and immigration rows rapidly should pay off for airports in terms of higher retail expenditures, according to SITA, the aviation technology group.

The president of Asia Pacific branch of SITA, Mr. Ilya Gutlin stated that stress-free passengers were more engaged in shopping than those that had been strained out before arriving at the airport terminal. The Singapore-based executive stated that in fact, a few years ago, there was a huge European airport that carried out a study stating an extra ten minutes used up in a security queue would reduce their revenue potential by around 30% during a media briefing in Sydney. 

In the airport market, operators often target on the dwell time, or the quantity of time a passenger use up in the airport owing to the significance of retail expenditure to overall financial results. Sydney Airport received 22% of its total revenue from its retail division in the previous.

Mr. Gutlin stated that modernization in technology, which reduced the total time it took for holiday passengers to arrive at the terminal were improbable to decrease the dwell time in airports by much but in its place it would assist those who were interested in dining and shopping at the airport in planning their time in a better fashion. He stated that the business passengers, however, were exceptions to that rule and would utilize advancement in technology to decrease the total sum of time exhausted at the airport.