Pontis Reaches 500 Million Customer Base

Published Date : Mar 04, 2015

Israeli company Pontis, a company renowned for its continuous contextual marketing and engagement solutions, has announced that it has reached a customer base of 500 million in the worldwide market.

Functioning with Tier 1 telecom service providers, the company has said that it is transforming the overall picture of customer engagement for the global telecom industry through its solutions that guarantee a proactive and holistic customer experience across all telecom channels. Pontis states that its focus towards enhanced customer engagement for its telecom clients has led the company’s customers in experiencing a 3% hike of ARPU, 15% rise in revenues from mobile data services, 25% rise in the NPS score of these companies and a nearly 15% reduction in annual turnover.

Pontis states that it helps major global telecom service providers in to significantly improving their relationship with customers by exemplifying the importance of a customer centric approach for operating in the marketplace. The continuous contextual marketing approach that drives the most part of business of Pontis solutions helps service providers in building strategies for establishing ongoing two-way dialogues and for proactively lean towards the personal needs and behaviors of each and every customer throughout their entire life with a  service provider. 

By assisting the facility of establishing a real time digital engagement between service providers and customers, the Pontis solutions support a variety of business needs of service providers including lifecycle management of individual customers, increase in revenue, retention of customers, a proactive customer experience, digital service monetization, mobile data and converged value creation.

Customers use Pontis’s technologies for outrunning marketing campaigns and the offline or online brand ads that they distrust. For staying relevant, the Customer Intelligence pros must interact with customers according to their behavioral qualities and less on their outbound communications, which is made possible by Portis’ solutions.