Melbourne Cricket Club to Invest US$14 to Deliver Food and Drinks at Cheaper Rate

Published Date : Mar 04, 2015

The Melbourne Cricket Club and EPICURE, its hospitality partner stated that it would invest US$14 million in the next 7 years to assist deliver cheaper food and drinks for football fans of MCG.

The cost of hot chips will go down from US$5.60 to US$4; a hot dog will be going down from US$6.50 to US$4, and a meat pie also will be of US$4 dropping from US$4.80. A bottle of water got cheaper going down from US$5 to US$3 and beer drinkers will not have to shell out US$1 for a plate anymore.

Mr. Gavin Taylor, the general manager of domain stadium, stated that it had no plans to pursue the MCG's lead.

He stated that a review of food cost has been considered and at the same time as the final costs are yet to be finalized; there has been an obligation to maintain the costs that prevailed in 2014 on major retail products such as hamburgers, chips, drinks, and hot dogs.

The WAFC is extremely aware of the significance of food as a part of the match-day experience for fans and have always undertaken benchmarking of costs around Australia to make sure value is offered to fans in Western Australia.

But before football fans start to think about boycotting the Domain Stadium’s menu, according to the WAFC, the cost of food and drink in the year 2014 was comparatively cheaper than that of the national average at other major stadiums in Australia. A burger at Domain Stadium costed around US$8.50 in the previous year, when the nationwide average was US$9.67. Chips and fish were US$9, while the average in the previous year was US$10.49.

In fact, at Domain Stadium, all the food and drink was cheaper in the previous year than the national average excluding a 600ml soft drink, a hot dog, and a bottle of drinking water.