L’Oreal and CFAO team up for production and distribution in Ivory Coast

Published Date : Mar 09, 2015

The multinational cosmetics leader, L’Oreal has announced the signing of a protocol agreement with Ivory Coast’s CFAO which will cover the production and distribution of its products in Ivory Coast. 

L’Oreal has an establishment in over 130 countries and is set to draw its beauty products in the French-speaking West Africa. The company will draw its expertise in beauty products and speed up its expansion in the major markets of West Africa. 

 By pairing up with L’Oreal, CFAO has developed a new favorable partnership in sub-Saharan Africa. It has provided L’Oreal access to its distribution channels and with its thorough knowledge of the African countries and the key markets. CFAO will also be providing support in the production facilities and packaging for L’Oreal’s cosmetics. 

L’Oreal is anticipating a speedy expansion and development in its hair care segment along with body care brands in Ivory Coast which is a suited well for its production needs. 

Geoff Skingsley, managing director of L’Oreal for Africa Middle-East Zone stated that the production and distribution process is a part of the strategies formed while teaming up with CFAO. Ivory Coast being a fast-growing market the beauty products has a powerful appeal among local consumers. Due to this it is important to expand the L’Oreal market in this region.

Chairman of CFAO’s Management Board, Richard Bielle stated that their strategy in West Africa is to provide and offer major international brands a production and distribution facility which will help in tapping the unexplored market. CFAO insures West Africa that the new partnership will provide the consumption of innovative and quality products.