Flipkart to Exit the Gaming Retail Business

Published Date : Mar 09, 2015

In the last couple of weeks Flipkart’s retailer partner WS Retails has slashed down the prices of a lot of newly launched video games. Some of them being Far cry 4, Pro Evolution Soccer 15 and Advance Warfare have been made available at 60 percent discount. 

These sales were not advertised which left many gamers unaware of the discount; however, smaller retailers had a long day to stock up all the products and sell it later to the customers offline at a higher rate which will give customers perceived value.

An independent store owner told NDTV Gadgets that they managed to book around 200 units of the game Call of Duty units by placing a host of orders and they are planning to continue with this for other products as well. 

In usual cases, Flipkart always has a limitation on the units one can buy of a particular game, but that was not the case at that time. This situation can also lead to a host of titles being re-exported to some other countries along with huge profits. 
Apart from Flipkart, Amazon too joined in the discounting through its merchant Cloudtail and even matched the price to certain offers. Amazon also allowed gamers to get their fix on the discount.

NDTV Gadgets further informed that Flipkart bought around 10,000 units of Call of Duty and sold almost 7000 units. They have almost saddled with 3000 excess units in their inventory.