Huawei Joins the Smartwatch Bandwagon

Published Date : Mar 10, 2015

In a latest update from the telecommunications industry that’s creating a lot of buzz these days, the leading infrastructure and telecommunications organization in China, Huawei is gearing up to join the smart watch bandwagon. The news about Huawei’s intent to join the smartwatch bandwagon came in just a week before the Mobile World Congress, slated to be organized in Barcelona and just before the official product launch of Apple Smart Watch on Monday. The company unveiled its first smart watch with round face on Sunday. Huawei is one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturers in China. It has found itself a flourishing market in Asia Pacific. However, the company is yet to penetrate in the markets of the United States. 

As per reports, the line of smart watch by Huawei is designed by Fossil and Emporio Armani. The smart watch aims to be a smart gear as well as a fashionable product. It will be inbuilt with the latest features that consumers expects from their smart watch as well as sport a trendy contemporary design to help in building Huawei’s brand image in the international market. According to sources the watch is slated to offer over 40 virtual faces and will come integrated with Google’s Android smart-watch OS. The OS will obviously be pre-installed. 

The watch will have a round dial showcasing a diameter of 42mm, which is slightly bigger than Motorola’s futuristic smart gear, the Moto 360. Once the users pair the device with their android phones, they can receive emails, social media notifications, text messages, incoming calls, and even calendar reminders. However, the watch is not what analysts predicted it would be, since it does not have the capability of performing independently using its own sim card.