Eastern Oregon Telecom to Partner with Huawei to Deploy Broadband Network in Hermiston

Published Date : Mar 10, 2015

The telecom industry is abuzz with the news that Eastern Oregon Telecom has zeroed down on Huawei to launch its ambitious project of gigabit broadband network across rural homes and businesses in Hermiston, Ore. 

Spokesperson from the company formally announced that as a part of the deal, the leading Chinese telecom provider will provide GPON solutions to Eastern Oregon. The solutions provided by Huawei will enable the company to offer broadband services to more than 8,000 residences and business located across Hermiston and its agglomerating areas. 

Eastern Oregon is slated to provide the community with a range of telecom services including Voice over IP (VoIP), broadband services with high speed, and Internet Protocol television (IPTV), as mentioned by sources. 

Eastern Oregon Telecom is expected to complete the preliminary deployment of the gigabit network by the second half of 2015. However, the company is aiming to wrap up the deployment of its underground fiber by 2016. The new network slated to be deployed will encompass commercial corridors in the cities that include Irrigon, Umatilla, and Boardman. The network will also be deployed at Hermiston. 

As told by Joseph Franell, Chief Executive Officer of Eastern Oregon Telecom, Huawei delivers scalable broadband solutions that fosters faster deployment of network and provides the benefit of simpler maintenance as compared to its contemporaries. This range of benefits offered by the company has prompted Eastern Oregon Telecom to collaborate with Huawei. The CEO further quoted that Eastern Oregon Telecom is looking forward to working with Huawei to roll out their ultra broadband network in Hermiston. 

The drive taken by Eastern Oregon Telecom is aimed at providing the businesses and homes of Hermiston with excellent quality telecom and broadband services.