The Next Green Item on McDonald’s Menu - Kale

Published Date : Mar 10, 2015

To reconnect with the younger customers McDonald Corporation has decided to adapt to their evolving tastes, and they are aiming their campaign at kale.

The fast food giant corp. is planning to roll out this healthy leafy green vegetable which is currently enjoying its new elevated status of super food, which soon will become an ingredient available on the McDonald’s food items.

McDonald Corp. has tried to recreate their image and provide healthier food to more finicky eaters in the past few years. This drive has brought to its menu new offering such as sliced apples and salads over the years.

Last week, the chain stated that in it its US restaurants they will halt the sale of chicken which was raised using antibiotics for the next two years and of all things kale could soon be available on their products such as salad or in form of a smoothie.

The company in order to underscore the challenge of transforming its business and reach a new clientele has reported that the same stores sales went down by 4% in the United States and by 1% globally in the month of February.

The arrival of McDonald’s back on the bandwagon will be considered as certain sign that kale being available in their menu as it is a super food. According to a survey, U.S. residents might fall out of love with kale which might shift to beets and Brussels sprouts.

However, according to the latest data from the department of Agriculture in U.S., farmers in the U.S. have harvested over 6,200 acres of kale during the year 2012 which is 55% more than the 4,000 acres of kale harvested in the year 2007.