Short Periods of Fasting and Feastings can Help to Improve Your Health

Published Date : Mar 10, 2015

People tend to go to great lengths to avoid going hungry. However, the research which dates back to over 60 years shows that temporarily depriving one from food can be a key to a healthy and long life.

Clinical research studies from around the 40s show that by restricting calories in animal test subjects tend to increase their life span by around 20% and significantly decrease their likelihood of age related conditions. However, the researchers might not have known the reason behind the disease fighting and extending life qualities which are mustered by missing calories, however recent studies report suggests that a handful of potential answers as to why there could be an energy scarce environment result in health benefits.

A paper published by the journal called Rejuvenation Research, stated that scientists recruited a group of healthy people to fast for a short period of a few weeks and on fasting days their calorie intake was restricted to around 25 of their normal diet. During the feasting days, they were asked to consume 175 per cent more of their required calorific intake to control their fluctuating weight as a surprising variable.

Researchers that performed this study said that an approach of fasting might help to sustain eating pattern for long term more than a consistent diet which restricts calorie intake.

According to the Chief at the Lab of Neurosciences, Mark Mattson at the National Institute on Aging the surprising ease with which these participants ate so few calories during fasting days can be an evolutionary adaptive, which can explain the displayed health benefits.