Driverless Concept Car from Mercedes Gaining Attention in SF

Published Date : Mar 11, 2015

Mercedes Benz during the past week unleashed its futuristic concept car of driverless car on the streets of San Francisco, and successfully turned a few heads in the process. This vehicle called the Mercedes F015 Luxury in the Motion Vehicle sector was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show held in January month in Las Vegas, which took a spin around the city on the first week of March.

According to the automaker, they needed a break from Sunnyvale. They have shared photos of the vehicle which looks similar to roadster feature in Blade Runner. This car was cruising the streets according to an agency during a photo shoot held by Mercedes. This car became the center of attention amongst the locals. However, it did not take long before shots by passerby flooded the Internet.

A picture posted online by Reddit user asked for help to figure out the identity of the vehicle. According to the user this vehicle was parked in the crosswalk like a boss, and another response on the net said that self driving car can do what it wants.

During the same day, the professional photographer Stangel stumbled upon the photo shoot, Twin Peaks stunning his instagram image which earned him over 200 likes. He commented that they have brought it first in a trailer, and the vehicle does driver or move.

This vehicle is an innovative four seater and is considered as a forerunner of a mobility revolution. This vehicle resembles a pod rather than a regular sedan which can be seen on the road today. This car has a low slung front end, streamlined roof, flat front windshield, and a hugging rear which creates a beautiful silhouette that houses four rotating chairs which allow face to face seat configuration.