Awesome-Looking Aero Kit for 2015 Introduced by Honda

Published Date : Mar 11, 2015

Few weeks later Chevrolet displayed its Verizon aero kit for IndyCar Series, the stalwart Honda has unveiled their own take on their 2015 rule modifications. However, this won’t make an appearance at every race, however, the point is that teams now will have even more freedom to change their own configurations also the automaker Honda is ready with a 200 piece aero kit that has carbon fiber. The aero kit is priced around US$ 75,000 and allows team to mix and match their aerodynamic elements according to circuits, track conditions, and driving styles.

The massively criticized sameness of its car, the series of IndyCar has relaxed its rules which govern the aerodynamics for the year 2015. This will encourage teams to strike out on their own just as much as Formula One teams have been following for years.

However, the chassis of the kit remains the basic which was used since the starting of the year 2012, this series of IndyCar will allow team to make changes to the dimensions legality boxes, which cover the front and back wings, engine cover, sidepods and also the rear wheel guards. This will help to produce a variety in the way the cars appear during the next two seasons.

Honda has been active in the United States open wheel racing since the year 1994. This supplies the present series with an engine of 2.2. Liter capacity and twin turbo V6 coupled with Chevrolet. They started working on their kit in 2013 year and narrowed their plants for the spring 2014, where the current rules were initiated. However, the rules will change again in the year 2016.