Camstar Semiconductor Suite Implemented by Phononic for Rapid Scale Production

Published Date : Mar 12, 2015

Camstar is a Siemens business branch which has announced today that Phononic will be reinventing a heating and cooling technology. They have successfully implemented the Semiconductor Suite. This is a Camstar Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System or MES which is designed specifically for the complete semiconductor manufacturing operation.

Phononic is also planning to standardize on the MES to allow top product quality, efficiency, and flexibility while simultaneously speeding up the production. However, Camstar organization’s innovative MES features will replace the manual processes. These processes will be replaced by control of work in process and real time visibility, thus dispatching, processes, tools and equipment, quality parameters, statistical process control, and yield.

The solid state heating and cooling from Phononic’s technology delivers unprecedented answers to thermal management issues, according to the VP of Manufacturing for the company. He further stated that they are continuously innovating and the company is a mission critical system which allows all of their high volume processes for manufacturing to become faster, more accurate, and more flexible. The VP said that they knew they required MES in place to make sure there was an improved efficiency, control, and visibility prior to transitioning from research and development mode to the mode of production.

Phononic has deployed Camstar for their initial site in only a ten weeks time. As per the plan, the enterprise is planning to standardize on their Camstar’s MES for the all their manufacturing operations which include component assembly, fabrication, testing, module and system build. This will help them optimize the utilization of manage change, use of resources, enforce changes, communicate, and implement best practices.