Laser from Lockheed capable of Destroying a Truck from a Mile’s Distance

Published Date : Mar 12, 2015

After 30 years of the United States announcing its plan to launch a range of laser armed satellites for the purpose of omnipotent space related missile defense, these lasers are finally paving a path into the military’s ammunition.

Firing down from the atmosphere/space is still a bit beyond technology; however, increasing applications in the domestic region are coming on fast. Especially, the boffins from Lockheed and other innovative research bodies have started constructing lasers aimed for their ground based defense. These are aimed first for the huge naval ships and currently on simple Humvees. Modern lasers which shoot down missile or drones have been a concept that has been present for quite some time. But, the concept of a missile being shot at the United States is not.

Nevertheless, lasers have started progressing quickly as a defensive and innovative technology, and presently they are the next generation which point at offense which is what the U.S. requires the most.

Currently, Lockheed released a statement which had photos of a demo of a pickup truck. This demo showed how a new laser referred as ATHENA could be on its path to become a real strategic assault option. ATHENA stands for Advanced Test High Energy Asset which burned through the engine of a truck from more than mile’s distance, and was disabled with nothing but only light. The truck was not destroyed but instead disabled; this will generally be the case when a puncturing innovation like a laser is applied as compared to an explosive device.