Britain Planning to Build a Prototype of Laser Weapon

Published Date : Mar 12, 2015

that of the Star-Wars armaments which could be used one day employed by the British Forces.

This project will cost well over £100 million. It is aimed towards creating a high energy laser which can track and attack moving targets in any type of weather. Britain with this project will be in a weapons race with the U.S. as it has already build a series of ship burning, drone killing lasers and has one weapon on board a warship which is based in the Gulf.

The Ministry of Defense is focusing on defense firms to construct prototype machine to improve the country understanding of the potential of a laser based arms system.

According to the Ministry of Defense the potential of laser based systems as weapons has been considered as an opportunity which offers significant benefits related to running costs along with a more appropriate response to security threats which are currently faced by the United Kingdom armed forces.

The trials on this prototype will help them to acquire, detect, and monitor targets at a range in different kinds of weather conditions with a good amount of precision. It will also allow them generate and control precisely a high energy laser technology, while ensuring that it is safe for operation.

This project is called by the Ministry of Defense as the Laser Directed Energy Weapon Capability Demonstrator. It will be worth between £20 to £100 million.