Urban Polymers, a Plastics Recycling Facility to be Started by Canada Fibers

Published Date : Mar 12, 2015

A plant called Urban Polymers will soon be established by Canada Fibers. Urban Polymers, a recycling plant for plastics will mainly be focusing on producing homogeneous and pure plastic materials that will be derived from post industrial and post consumer waste. This plant will be utilizing additive formulations and modern equipment that will be procured from all across the globe. This plant will become operational from 2015 spring and this facility will be situated in Northern Toronto. The very first focus area for the new venture will be on the manufacturing of polyethylene terephthalate flake material and also the manufacturing of compounded PP (polypropylene) and compounded PE (polyethylene) in the form of pellets. 

Polyethylene is the material which is used for manufacturing plastic food containers and beverage bottles. And PP and PE are used for manufacturing packaging materials for different types of liquids such as household detergents. In the early stages of development, this facility, Urban Polymers will have the capacity to process 11 million pounds of PE and PP, and 25 million pounds of PET on an annual basis. This would represent a noteworthy rise in recycling infrastructure within the country. 

An executive at Urban Polymers stated that the main rationale behind the provision of plastic processors is to offer a sustainable alternative to few of the prime materials. Urban Polymers has brought together a highly experienced technical group who mostly target various industry segments in North America that are yet to be penetrated. Joe Miranda, the CEO of Canada Fibers had expressed that this step that has been taken by Canada Fibers of setting up Urban Polymers shows a step towards adopting a strategy of forward integration.