Four Employees of Marks and Spencer Raise an Amount of £28,200 for a Charity Event

Published Date : Mar 16, 2015

A fundraising drive was carried by four workers from the worldwide known brand Marks and Spencer in Gemini retail park. This effort was taken by Linda Kitson, Pauline Robinson, Nicola Grainger, and Karen Lynch and they managed to raise an amount of £28,200 for the British Heart Foundation. This drive was taken by the workers after the warehouse worker Dave Johnson’s daughter Dion, died in her early 30’s due to a sudden heart condition.

Last year, the workers of Marks and Spencer came together and organized many charity events such as charity nights, quizzes and along with that sponsored walks to go for stem cell research. After realizing the efforts taken by the employees, the supermarket chain finally decided to make a donation and contribute to the foundation with another encouragement.

One of the fundraising managers Mrs. Kitson stated that Marks and Spencer gave recognition to the charity drive that they had been conducting which is great for further research. She further added that with all the efforts that has been taken, their co-worker Dave is happy and feel grateful. 

Mrs. Kitson also added that she feels good with the fundraising drive and it is very nice to see that everyone is getting involved with the charity work. She is also grateful to the supermarket chain that has supported them in all the charity events they carry out. She further said that they invest a lot of time in the activity, however the result that people get through this noble work is rewarding.