The Retail Sector of Dutch Growing At a Slower Rate

Published Date : Mar 16, 2015

The retail sector in the Netherlands ended last year with a positive note and is improving but at a slower pace if compared with other European countries. In the previous year, the sales in the Netherlands grew by almost one percent, which was the first growth in the past six years. However, the number is still less than that of the average volume growth in the EU of 2 percent approximately. According to the figures provided by Statistics Netherlands on Monday, it was observed that only 8 out of 27 European Union countries have administered less improvement. 

Since the credit crisis that fell upon in the year 2008, retail sector of Dutch has been performing quite badly than that of its neighboring countries. However, in Belgium the sales volume continued to show a steady growth even in the crisis years. Germany also showed a healthy growth since 2009. However, in the Netherlands the retail sector was going down for a period of five years and after 2014, the country started showing a steady growth.

After the huge crisis of 2008, the sales figures of consumer electronics, clothing sector, and toy stores suffered a huge decline. Nevertheless, the sales in this sector have administered the first increase in 2014 after a period of five years. However, the same sectors have showed a growing trend since 2005. The retail sector has also showed some growth in the month of January this year. According to the figures, the retail turnover recorded in the month of January was 0.8 percent higher than in the month of January last year.