Makers of Organic Wines Start Exporting to China

Published Date : Mar 17, 2015

The Wine makers called Angrove Family have received their first official order from their China distributor, which makes them the largest Australian wine maker till date to export organic wine to fastest growing economy, China.

The order for Angrove Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Shiraz, and Merlot will pretty soon set their sail following years of collaboration and work between the distributor partner based in China and the Australian Certified Organic winemaker.

The export manager for the Angrove Family wine maker stated that after their vineyards and winery has received the certification to the Chinese Organic Standard during late previous year, it has been a slow and tedious yet steady process to in actuality receive the orders and get it ready for the market.

He further stated that they experienced a lot of challenges which they needed to overcome once their certification was received including the hand applying specific Chinese supplied certification sticker for their each and every bottle. Presently, they have done what they can to streamline their process to ensure the demand potential is fully achieved and the organic market for wine in China is worth around US$3 to 4 million dollars in additional revenue to them and they need to achieve it correctly, for the first time and every time after that.

Australian Certified Organic is Australian Organic’s subsidiary. This firm’s general manager stated that Angrove Family Winemaker export to the nation China is a significant achievement.

The organic produce sales in China are presently expanding at a 20 per cent per year according to the Austrade and this move by the wine makers Angrove Family shows a significant ground floor opportunity.