The Impact of Carbon Dioxide in the Manufacturing Sector

Published Date : Mar 17, 2015

Several research activities and discussions have been taking place on how to capture and store carbon dioxide that is released from coal plants and oil facilities. Many projects for evaluating carbon dioxide capture prior to its release into the air and surrounding atmosphere have also taken place. These studies and projects are based on the principle of compressing and storing carbon dioxide underground. However, there are numerous companies that aim at putting the gas to some productive use rather than storing it underground. 

Novomer, a U.S. based company and Albemarle Corporation together have successfully developed polypropylene carbonate with the help of CO2 waste. These polyols are being utilized effectively for manufacturing. High quality and better types of adhesives are being produced for industrial applications. Financial assistance for this project was received from the Office of Fossil Energy of the US Department of Energy. Furthermore, a Germany-based company has efficiently been able to utilize carbon dioxide for producing polyurethanes. Bayer, the company in question strongly believes that this material can be utilized effectively for producing soft foam which is used for mattresses.

A group of companies are developing creative techniques for using carbon dioxide after capturing the same from the fumes of coal plants. For example, dry carbon dioxide cleaning is the latest innovative technology that makes use of recycled CO2 in several ways for industrial use. The technology mainly utilizes this gas for the cooling down of machine tools, environment friendly dry cleaning, selective extraction, cleaning specialized medical instruments, and also for cleaning electronic components and electronic devices. These solutions can easily be applied by several industry segments such as semi conductors, fiber optics, manufacturing of original equipment, and solar energy.