Most of the Highly Polluting Coal Fired Plants of the World Belong to China and the United States

Published Date : Mar 17, 2015

A recently released report of the Oxford University has shown that 100 power companies all across the globe exhibiting highest risk are witnessing pressure for shutting down some of their respective coal plants that are proving to be highly polluting. Several companies from China feature first on the list, however, several U.S. based companies which also includes Berkshire Hathaway of Warren Buffett occupies the ten positions of the top ranking 25 positions. This analysis which was developed to guide investors to evaluate the risks pertaining to financial issues also concluded that GDF Suez, which is a France based energy giant was ranking third in the list of the highest polluting coal facilities all over the world. 

At present, coal supplies 40% of global electricity and three fourths of the same is generated by, by far the most polluting, marginally efficient, and sub critical coal power stations all over the world. According to the International Energy Agency that one out of four such plants need to be shut down within the forthcoming five years. This must necessarily be done of the governments of the world wish to adhere to the pledge of limiting global warming. 

The latest analysis gave ranks to these companies on the basis of the amount of electricity that they generated from the subcritical coal fired plants. E.ON and RWE which are some of the main German utilities had featured in the first top 25, coupled with AGL Energy of Australia and Eskom of South Africa. Industry experts have stated that in order to tackle the problem of climate change, the very first step that needs to be taken is the closing down of subcritical coal power stations. The industry researchers have also tried analyzing the impact of the coal plants on water resources and air and also the problem of air pollution.