In Competition with Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony Hopes to Sell 5 Million Units of PS4 By March 2013

Published Date : Sep 19, 2013

Sony Corp expects to sell around 5 million units of its soon-to-be-launched PlayStation 4, in the fiscal year ending March 2014. The new gaming console is loaded with more entertainment services and carries a lighter price tag-two factors that Sony anticipates will prove to be a major draw for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The new machine is set to be launched in November 2013 with a price tag of $399. Sony\'s earlier console, the PS4, sold 3.55 million units in a similar period despite being at $599 in some regions. PS3 was introduced in 2006. 

The PS4 will hit U.S. shelves a week before Microsoft Corp\'s Xbox that will be priced at $499. With an increasing number of casual players choosing smartphones and tablets over gaming consoles, both companies are hoping to restore buyers\' interest in gaming consoles. 

Not wanting to hurt sales owing to supply shortages post the PS4 launch, Sony has plans to stagger the release of the gaming console. This is a lesson that it learnt during the much-hyped launch of the PS3. Besides, Sony has gone a step ahead and positioned the PS4 as more than just a gaming machine—it is also a portal for films and music.

PS4 has an advantage over its predecessor now that Sony already has a well-established network and gaming community that it can tap. Sony has been working with a team of more than 600 software developers to create content for the PS4 that includes, among other things, a suite of at least 20 games. The PS4 is expected to go on sale in Asia by December 2013 where as it will be introduced in Japan by the end of February 2014.