Mobile Phone Services’ Tariffs to Rise by 75% in Ghana

Published Date : Mar 18, 2015

A recent directive passed by the National Communication Authority of Ghana will require telecom companies to charge their services at a heavily increased rate. The 75 percent rise in mobile phone tariffs in the country is projected to hit businesses majorly and affect nearly 10 million subscribers of the country.

Vodafone Ghana has stated that the current move by the Ghanaian National Communication Authority will have a highly negative impact on the telecom industry of the country, as the ruling could make it difficult for telecom companies in monetizing their capital investments in the telecom sector of the country.

The concern regarding the negative impact of the on-net price regulation related ruling was expressed by Vodafone Ghana at a recent discussion held in Accra, Thursday last week.

Gayheart Mensah, Vodafone’s Director for external affairs, stated at the conference that the National Communication Authority ruling about the heavy rise in prices will force many market players to close their businesses if such events continued to occur in country’s telecom sector.

He added that if the measure was directed towards improving operation of the telecom sector and provide an increased level of satisfaction to the end-users, the vendors in the market would have no problem. But most times, such directives restrict the power of marketers to service the county effectively. 

Also, in the small industry, one or other directive keeps coming from the NCA every week or month. The extremely small marketplace is also already overcrowded. If the number of operators in Ghana is compared with those in other markets, it would raise concerns for worrying, creating a situation where carrying out operations in the country become very difficult due to the fragmented competitive landscape.