A Silicon Valley Startup Creates an Innovative 3D Printing Technology

Published Date : Mar 18, 2015

Carbon3D Inc., a startup of Silicon Valley has created an innovative 3D technology which can influence and manipulate oxygen and light which will further allow the solid objects to rise on a continuous basis from a liquid printing basin. 

According to a press release that took place for the innovative technique, the technology is called Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) which is expected to outrun the conservative method of layer-by-layer of 3D printing. This new technology is expected to perform the printing process around 25 to 100 times faster.

Joseph M. DeSimone, Chief Executive Officer of Carbon3D Inc. stated that the current technology used for 3D printing projects has not been successful in delivering its promise of revolutionize the manufacturing process. 

The new technology involves a process in which a beaming light which passes through a window (similar to that of contact lens) which is oxygen permeable and further into a liquid resin. As per the process which is controlled by software, the images of the 3D model are projected into the resin pool. After that, the UV light starts with the process of hardening and further the oxygen slows the process down. With a combination and careful manipulation some complex shapes can be formed. 

The potential use of this innovative technology can range from personalized medical stents to made-to-order athletic apparel.

According to BBC, the main drawback of this technology is that the process will only work with polymer based materials. The scene in Terminator 2 which was the main inspiration for the innovative process in which T-1000 robot who rises from a metal pool, this technology will not be able to produce anything metallic.