IIT Researchers Develops a Low-Priced Dialysis Technology

Published Date : Mar 18, 2015

A team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) have developed an indigenous and cost effective technology for kidney dialysis. Sources have informed that the new technology has also been awarded with a National Award on Wednesday. 

The process of kidney dialysis, Haemodialysis is performed on patients who are suffering from kidney failure at various stages. A machine which is more commonly known as artificial kidney is used basically for dialysis to remove the impurities and the waste products from the bloodstream before the blood returns to the patient’s body.

Co-inventor and a scholar of the IIT’s chemical engineering department, Anirban Roy stated that the process of haemodialysis is a costly treatment for an average Indian family or an individual because the cartridges that are used in the process are not manufactured in India. These cartridges are generally imported from Japan, Korea or Germany. 

Mr. Roy added that the technology that they have innovated is designed to spin the clinical grade fibres in India as the country lacks the technology of spinning the hollow fibre membranes of the given specifications.

With the help of this technology the dialyser that is used for the dialysis process normally cost around Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 and each patient requires around three dialysers per week. If the new technology that is developed in the Kharagpur campus is used then these dialysers will be made available at a cost of Rs 200 to Rs 300 which will help the average Indian to carry out the treatments.

Mr. Roy informed that the project was of national important due to which it was funded by the Department of Science and Technology and two Bangalore based companies as industrial partners for the project.