Artisanal Food and Beverages Law Proposed

Published Date : Mar 18, 2015

Taking a indication from bordering Kittery, York planners are enforcing a law that would permit artisan businesses such as coffee roasters, brew pubs, and small bakers to start shop at places around the town.

Selectmen will be holding a public hearing on the measures to be taken on March 23, 2015 and will vote later whether to put it ahead to the May ballot. As such, stated Phalon, anyone supporting the idea of prolonging this types of business is required to confirm his or her support at that night.

The ordinance would permit for producing, selling, distributing, and consuming of artisanal food and beverages on-site in York Village, York Beach, in most parts of route one consisting of Cape Neddick, and in most areas of the General Development zones, regions, which are not strictly residential, where the businesses would not be permitted.

The business would be permitted to have both a producing and a retail space under one cover, not to go beyond 5,000 square feet. Examples consist of small-batch baking, a small brewery, small-scale cheese production, small-batch vegetable pickling, distillery or winery, or fish curing or small-scale meat.

Phalon and an associate Todd Frederick, who created a Planning Board sub-committee, stated as they have researched the proposal, they have found uneven zoning in several parts of town. For example, the bottling of beverages is not a permitted in York Beach.

The artisanal food and beverage law has been bandied about in city since previous summer, when Selectman Mr. Torbert Macdonald introduced a proposal for first time. Macdonald stated he was pleased to watch it back before the selectmen for addition on the May ballot.