Indian Restaurants Join ‘Good France’ Project for a French Style Dinner

Published Date : Mar 18, 2015

An calm and tranquil French meal, which in popular culture stirs up the images of romance and quality life, can now be savored in a restaurant in India that joins other nations to present a French style dinner tomorrow.

A total of one thousand restaurants over the world with including forty-eight from several cities across India will concurrently serve a French menu on Mar. 19, 2015 as the part of the project named ‘Good France’.

The global event has been started by Mr. Laurent Fabius, who is the Foreign Minister of France with renowned chef Mr. Alain Ducasse, who is known to have constructed an empire in haute cuisine.

The project is focused at reproducing the concept of festivity of French food that began in about the year 1912 by a chef named Auguste Escoffi, who rolled out the Epicurean Dinners proposal, the same day, the same menu, in various cities in the world and targeted at as many customers as possible.

In France, there isn’t a meal that is complete without having cheese in it and at least one kind of wine. The French take pride in their skill to present multi-course meal, which is a fact that is recognized by UNESCO, which has noted 'The gastronomic meal of the French' as one of the ethereal cultural legacy of humanity.

Mr. Francois Richier, the French ambassador to India stated that French restaurants have a good name and the French cuisine is in the world heritage list. It is something, which is piece of everyday life of France and by this festival they want to share these celebratory moments with many more across the world.